It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year



At ALG Style we costume for sport. We are fortunate enough to live in city the where costuming is not just reserved for October 31st and Mardi Gras day. However, we must confess, Halloween is our absolute favorite.

A few suggestions for creating a unique and seemingly effortless costume is to start with the two B’s and we do not mean boobies and butt.. because those items seem to come out in all their glory on Halloween. We prefer “Classy not Trashy.” It is fine to look sexy yet ALG does not want you to be propositioned for illegal activity.
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Budget and Base
Always have a budget in mind when to comes to creating a costume. Expenses can get high fast, feathers, masks, and wigs are costly. Consider repurposing an old costume or visit local thrift stores and consignment shops.


A valuable tool is to begin with a base. A dress, leotard, corset, leggings, or pants can serve as your foundation to build and layer your ideas and inspiration. Before you begin make sure it fits properly and you can get in and out of it rather swiftly if you need to use the restroom. Click the link below to see a #TBT of few of our favorite homemade costumes we discussed on The 504 last year.



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