An ALG Playdate – Can you come over and play?


“I want a nap, new shoes, and like a million dollars.” – me, every day

Well, they cannot rig the lottery for you but the ladies of ALG Style certainly can make you feel like a million bucks, and heaven’s sake, if you are hanging with ALG… new shoes are a given.

ALG Style is thrilled to arrange your perfect Play Date for any reason on any day. You do not need to wait for special occasion to hang with your BFF, girl gang, or sister from another mister; Corrie and Aimée make up any and every excuse to celebrate. ALG Style organizes private shopping events, parties, and trips into the New Orleans area. We have neat and sweet boutiques to fit every budget and cater to every shopping request. We make your lunch reservations, book spa treatments, and supply endless flutes of bubbly… just because.


Do not hold out for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or a wedding to make merry; (although that is not a bad idea either!) ALG turns any ordinary Tuesday extraordinary. Give ALG Style a buzz, shout, ring, trip them on the street; book some happiness.


To Schedule or learn more about an ALG Style Playdate:

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style


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