Happiness Overload
6/3 & 6/4

Martine Chaisson Gallery
727 Camp Street


Reyn Studios
725 Magazine Street


ALG is bubbling over with excitement about this two day, all things stylish from the inside and out, event.  Brandshop is setting up shop in NOLA and is bringing us new and noteworthy designer pop-up shops, incredible speakers discussing everything from business to fitness, and master group fitness classes.  All of the aforementioned are under the genre of fashion, grace, and well-being or better clarified … everything we obsess over.  The designers, trainers, and speakers are incredible women we have major crushes on… we are not shy to state we stalk their blogs and Instagram feeds like bad ex-boyfriends. We will try to contain our over-the-top giddiness.

Treats from ALG
ALG has partnered with Brandshop for some good times and goodness for all our followers, readers, clients, and their guests. We hope you will come and play both Friday and Saturday with ALG and Brandshop.  Lest we not forget the most important elements, Rosé and shopping are involved.

Friday 6/3 & Saturday 6/4

Haute & Chic – Win an Outfitting Session from ALG Style

Pick up your game card at the Brandshop locations for a scavenger hunt/game of Hide & Seek on Friday and Saturday throughout the shops at Reyn and Martine Chaisson Gallery.  Visit the pop-up shops and shop unique designers and brands from 10 AM to 7 PM. Enter your game card to win an Outfitting Session from your favorite stylists at ALG Style at the Gift Shop.

Friday 6/3 10 AM


“Rosé to Start Your Day” sponsored by ALG Style and Brandshop at Martine Chaisson Gallery: Cheers to all of ALG Style followers, clients and guests! This is the perfect opportunity to Pick up your Haute & Chic game card and SHOP the pop-ups in Martine Chaisson Gallery and Reyn Studios.  Have a glass or two, or three of our favorite all day everyday Rosé!

Because ALG LOVES YOU – all followers, clients, and readers can receive 20 % off speakers’ series and Master Trainer Classes when they purchase tickets and enter “ALGSTYLE” in the promo code box.

If we HAD to Choose – Our Picks for Brandshop:

Sarah Easley & Sarah Mashburn in conversation with Ashley Williams –“Crafting your Own Personal Style”saraheasley_speaker

Mary Giuliani & Juley Li – “Secrets to Creating an Unforgettable Party”


Master class with Anna Kaiser – AKT inMOTION


Master Class with Liz and Clary Hilliard – Hilliard Studio Method


THE EDIT by ALG – Pop-Ups to Shop:


Mignonne Gavigan




CCH Collection

See you all there! Come Rosé and play!

For more info about Brandshop, you can reach them at
For more info about ALG Style, you can reach us at 504.237.1104

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style

Talk Derby to Me


Corrie Pellerin of ALG Style can find any reason to celebrate. She lives for a good party, a chic outfit, and a great cocktail. She is everyone’s go-to girl to make everything perfectly pretty. Also if you know anything at all about ALG Style and most especially Corrie… every idea, photo shoot, style session, birthday, MUST HAVE A THEME! If you did not know any better you would swear that Corrie Pellerin was the genius behind Pinterest.

Corrie Does Derby

Throwing a party one of my favorite pastimes. This particular event was a request from my dear friend’s boyfriend, Hudson, to host a welcome home gathering for his lady friend. I also needed a reason to continue the merriment stemming from two Jazz Fest weekends and honestly I was dying to wear my new pink tutu party skirt. Luckily, or perhaps fate, the Kentucky Derby was the following Saturday. The Kentucky Derby is more than a horse race; it’s a long-standing tradition of merriment, mint juleps, and a fine chapeau seemed like excellent reason for to revel.

I delegated tasks to my friends Hudson, whose expertise was best suited in the culinary and cocktail duties, and the very organized, Elizabeth, who found the traditional sterling silver cups for our juleps and compiled the guest list.


We used Highlights Catering, (504) 485-0756. Their sweet potato ham sandwiches are a particular favorite of mine, and I adore a good deviled egg. Everything at Highlights Catering will knock your socks off and they will deliver! Hudson also supplied crawfish, BBQ, Beer and the fixings for our Mint Juleps. (Mint Julep recipe – )

Continuing with our theme, Cookies by Design; (504) 455-8777 created horses and derby hats for an extra treat. They were very accommodating and worked with our very short time line.


I wanted to keep the décor simple and red roses, consistent with the theme and history of the Derby, were a perfect touch. Whole Foods was able to pull some aside some beautiful stems at that last minute. To save money I recruited my talented gal pal, Lindsey. She has mad skills and a knack for floral design and beautiful handwriting. She crafted the cutest sign for the shin dig.

Games are a perfect party mixer to engage your guests and everyone loves a good game of chance and stakes. Since Hudson and Elizabeth are not bookies by trade…we placed all the horses’ names in a bowl and allowed everyone to pick. In order to play each dropped in a $20.00. Here are some other ways to do a pool.


Snapshots with props are added way to add amusing elements to your gathering. We used a Polaroid – Mini and silly props which can be purchased at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.


Stay tuned for more stylish ways to enhance any party! Are they’re off! You can reach us at 504.237.1104

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style

We like to party!

We plan outfits for our shindigs like most people plan their grocery list. Some people meal prep on the weekends, we outfit prep. There are always numerous networking events, social gatherings, and charity parties to attend; E-vites, invites, tickets, and tables… we can never make them all.  Many frequent these gatherings to dance, eat, scoop up auction items for a tax write – off, or show their support to those in need.  We, to be entirely honest, go to check out the ensembles of the guests.  If people watching were a sport in the Olympics, ALG would win a gold medal and be on the fashion Wheaties box.

Sometimes these events make it very difficult to figure out the proper codes of dress.  The amalgamation of an antiquated city and an influx of young professionals to the region can create an interesting interpretation of what is appropriate attire at New Orleans’ gatherings.  Also the dress codes on the invite and the actual location of the party can cause quite a conundrum when attempting to decipher what one is and is not supposed to wear.  One of the most the most confusing invites we received read, “Casual Cocktail.” Now according to the Emily Post bible there is “Causal attire” and then there is “Cocktail attire.” We would seriously show up in flip flops and a short fit & flair dress with sequins if this were our literal understanding.


ALG would like to provide a bit of style support on planning your attire for social fundraiser/event/gala/gathering du jour:

Classy not Trashy –  Think about who may be at this event. Will your boss or grandparents of your new boyfriend be present? Is this a gathering that has large corporate sponsors? Is this event one that has been around for decades? If yes was replied to any of the above questions keep your dress and shoes tasteful.  


Rise to the Occasion Check out social media pictures from past events to get an idea of what guests have worn in the past.  Certain events in the city of New Orleans used to be very formal and black tie.  Currently formal attire on many gatherings are reserved for the hosts/chairpersons.  We have moved towards a dressy cocktail world in order to attract a younger crowd and keep the events fun and accessible to all.


It’s Easy to be Cheesy – Sheer or illusion fabric, bedazzling, platform heels appear cheap.  No matter what age you are “Stripper Chic” not a good look.   Find a dress that flatters your figure and accentuates your best features.

The Dogs Are Tired – Test drive those shoes! Bare feet at a party is an ALG Style “no, no.”  If the event happens to be at a park or on rocky terrain, we suggest a cute pair of sandals or fold up ballet shoes to put in your clutch. We applaud the geniuses at Zoo-to Do this year who were selling 20$ flats! Amazing and bless you! Brilliant!


My Momma Don’t Like You –  Unfortunately we live in a world that perception is reality and first impressions are hard to erase.  These events can be a ton of fun, a great way to network, and if you a single…of course meet some new “friends.” Take pride in your appearance and attire.  You never know who you might bump into.

As always ALG Style is available for your fashion 911.  We are forever your fashion fairy godmothers.  We too can be a big haute mess at times and place no judgement on anyone.  Please feel free to give us a shout out and we would be honored to solve any fashion dilemma.You can reach us at 504.237.1104

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style

Mother’s Day 2016

“One day you will thank me.” – Every Momma Everywhere

She is selfless, she puts up with my sassy mouth and I lived to tell about it, she really is a good cook, she is funny and pissy at the same time, she is always available and when the day comes if she is ever not around I will be lost.
I drove her crazy, and karma always prevails, my two daughters do the same.
This mother’s day share the gift of ALG Style with your mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters or any special woman in your world that has put up with your shenanigans.


She deserves some treats from ALG Style. Perhaps she needs an Outfitting Session, a little Closet Rehab/Makeover, or in dire need of new clothes and she hates to shop!

We can hook a Mother up! It is not too late to grab a gift card for any of our services and we can deliver a beautifully wrapped goodie to her door. We can shop for ALL of your Mother’s Day gifts as well. As personal shopper’s we are on the ready for any last minute shopping emergency.
BOBO ½ OFF Special – Buy one $150 Outfitting Session with ALG Style and get a second session at half the price. To learn more about our Mother’s Day Sales call 504.237.1104 or email 

-Aime’e Gowland and Corrie Pellerin