Talk Derby to Me


Corrie Pellerin of ALG Style can find any reason to celebrate. She lives for a good party, a chic outfit, and a great cocktail. She is everyone’s go-to girl to make everything perfectly pretty. Also if you know anything at all about ALG Style and most especially Corrie… every idea, photo shoot, style session, birthday, MUST HAVE A THEME! If you did not know any better you would swear that Corrie Pellerin was the genius behind Pinterest.

Corrie Does Derby

Throwing a party one of my favorite pastimes. This particular event was a request from my dear friend’s boyfriend, Hudson, to host a welcome home gathering for his lady friend. I also needed a reason to continue the merriment stemming from two Jazz Fest weekends and honestly I was dying to wear my new pink tutu party skirt. Luckily, or perhaps fate, the Kentucky Derby was the following Saturday. The Kentucky Derby is more than a horse race; it’s a long-standing tradition of merriment, mint juleps, and a fine chapeau seemed like excellent reason for to revel.

I delegated tasks to my friends Hudson, whose expertise was best suited in the culinary and cocktail duties, and the very organized, Elizabeth, who found the traditional sterling silver cups for our juleps and compiled the guest list.


We used Highlights Catering, (504) 485-0756. Their sweet potato ham sandwiches are a particular favorite of mine, and I adore a good deviled egg. Everything at Highlights Catering will knock your socks off and they will deliver! Hudson also supplied crawfish, BBQ, Beer and the fixings for our Mint Juleps. (Mint Julep recipe – )

Continuing with our theme, Cookies by Design; (504) 455-8777 created horses and derby hats for an extra treat. They were very accommodating and worked with our very short time line.


I wanted to keep the décor simple and red roses, consistent with the theme and history of the Derby, were a perfect touch. Whole Foods was able to pull some aside some beautiful stems at that last minute. To save money I recruited my talented gal pal, Lindsey. She has mad skills and a knack for floral design and beautiful handwriting. She crafted the cutest sign for the shin dig.

Games are a perfect party mixer to engage your guests and everyone loves a good game of chance and stakes. Since Hudson and Elizabeth are not bookies by trade…we placed all the horses’ names in a bowl and allowed everyone to pick. In order to play each dropped in a $20.00. Here are some other ways to do a pool.


Snapshots with props are added way to add amusing elements to your gathering. We used a Polaroid – Mini and silly props which can be purchased at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.


Stay tuned for more stylish ways to enhance any party! Are they’re off! You can reach us at 504.237.1104

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style

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